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A Decentralized Launchpad For Businesses on the xDai Chain.


xStarter is a Decentralized Ecosystem of Smart Contracts provided for businesses world wide that are seeking to launch and maintain their own crypto utility token.

With xStarter, businesses are able to gain liquidity for their Tokens by:


  • Requesting to launch an ILO

  • Getting approved by the community

  • Launching an ILO

  • Using the provided funds as liquidity for any DEX

xStarter Token:


  • ERC20/ERC777 Token, used to vote on proposals and required to hold to participate in xStarter hosted ILOs.

xStarter LaunchPad:


Smart Contract which allows the registering of ILOs, and after community approval, the launching of xStarter ILO Contracts. 

xStarter PoolPair


Contract created by LaunchPad that handles the collection of funds from pool contributors and distributes the provided project tokens.

xStarter Governance:


Smart Contract which allows ILO proposals on the LaunchPad to be voted on and also other community changes. 

xStarter NFT:


ERC721 contract that allows minting, selling, and transfers of NFTs for rewards and special privileges. 

xStarter Explainer Video
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